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Ingersoll Rand
We are especially pleased with the interactive graphics designed to make complex calculations understandable, interesting, and relevant.
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Ingersoll Rand
Vivid provides an exceptional solution that enables us to streamline training for all our facilities, allowing us to share the costs across business units which reduced our training expense significantly.
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Banner Health
Having courses on demand, accessible for new hires or periodic refresher training, meant having another tool for mitigating requirements.
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Safety doesn’t have to be boring

We find the right mix of interactivity and engagement, linking on demand training with safety performance.

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On Demand Safety Training Courses

Designed for Safety Pros

Designed for one job – safety training management. We focus on the software so you don’t have to.

Safety Training System


We know that to influence behavior you have to reach the emotional core of human imagination.

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Increase safety awareness in your workplace

When risk never sleeps, safety is a moment to moment concern. Promote a culture of safety with our extensive toolbox.

Safety Tip Video: Roadside Worker Safety

Roadside Worker Safety

It’s no secret that roadside jobs are extremely hazardous. Aside from the dangers of vehicle traffic, working conditions may involve severe weather and low visibility of night operations.

In 2012, 130 workers died on roadside construction sites.

Roadside construction supervisors, workers, and equipment operators video.

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Safety Tip Video: Safe Practices for Extension Cord Use

Safe Practices for Extension Cord Use

Extension cords are used on many work sites. If not use properly, they can cause serious damage to both property and worker’s health.

As the leading cause of electrical fires, extension cords need to be handled carefully.  This safety video explains how to safely use extension cords in the workplace.

Don't forget video.

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Safety Tip Video: Avoiding Falling Object Hazards

Avoiding Falling Object Hazards

In 2013, 245 workers died after being struck by a falling object.

Placing a box of paper on a tall shelf, transporting a load of bins with a forklift, and performing electrical work on elevated platforms are all situations where falling hazards exist.

But we’re here to give you a heads up on how to help video.

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Safety Tip Video: Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Natural disasters can be unpredictable and devastating, destroying communities and taking lives.

It may seem like you are powerless in those emergency situations, but that’s not true. When disaster strikes, emergency preparedness is crucial for survival. You can learn to react quickly and efficiently to ensure video.

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Safety Tip Video: Incident Investigation Part 2

Incident Investigation Part 2

A worker slips and falls on a section of wet floor in a dimly lit hallway, twisting his ankle. Another worker cuts her hand on a sharp edge protruding from a piece of equipment. Are you prepared to investigate these types of incidents? 

There are a number of tools important to have on hand while conducting video.

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Our clients love us as much as we love them

Delivering client satisfaction since 1995

Your product and service is invaluable for one of our employees who is a quadriplegic, who is unable to attend a standard 8 hr. MSHA Annual Refresher class. Thank you. Hercules Cement
This is so exciting, and a vast improvement over what we've had in the past. What I love most about it is that it clearly demonstrates the very broad engagement of many stakeholders in the creation of the messages and approach. No easy feat, but the integration and streamlining of the content is evident. I love it. Paula Linnen, PNNL
Your service to our company is outstanding and appreciated too. Reggie Brown, Foster Wheeler
Thank you so much for your support & sense of urgency on solving our requests. Steve, QualityCheck’d Dairies
Vivid is one of my favorite contractors because you are so responsive and easy to work with. Ginger, SPX
You rock. Kimberly, Tapestry
We really like the pre-test feature built into your SCORM courses. MedImpact
Amazing. Stericycle
The program is intuitive, more engaging then other material we have used in the past, and has wonderful features. Sue Jenkins-Downs, KVCH
Genius. Jan, KVCH
Our online course is extremely well done. Thank you. Jim, Central Hudson
Your interface is amazing. Dee Ruggles, Watchers
I want to give Vivid as much exposure as possible. Erike Young, Google
That is fantastic news. I was just getting ready to start using another company, but I’d much rather deal with you, considering your wonderful service. You make all of our online training stuff so easy. Kari Evely, Hotwork USA
Your response has been more than excellent and I appreciate the timely and detailed communications. Cynthia Lawton, Gundersen Health Systems
Love this online training method by the way. This is how we will complete this training from here forward. Brian Smith, Advanced Monitoring Methods
We were very pleased with the Part 48 online training. It’s better than being in class. Troy Knouse, SRS Rail
Vivid provides an exceptional solution that enables us to streamline training for all our facilities, allowing us to share the costs across business units which reduced our training expense significantly. Ingersoll Rand
Vivid online safety training is well suited for refresher training and orientation. It enables our members to comply with regulatory requirements and communicate industry best practices. AGC of Minnesota
Vivid enabled my group to receive training in an efficient, timely manner. The testing was especially invaluable, which allowed me to track exactly where an employee might have a weaker knowledge area. World Minerals
We needed a program that delivered safety training to our linemen in a dynamic and efficient way. Vivid products are flexible, so our workers can train when they have down time. The efficiencies we’ve gained have had a positive company-wide effect. NSTAR Electric & Gas
We wanted an engaging, interactive training experience, a comprehensive test capacity, and the ability to integrate with our software. Vivid provided exactly what we needed and their client service is exceptional. Devereux Glenholme School
Vivid products are easy to navigate and extremely user-friendly which helped facilitate the transition and employee acceptance of online training. Montana Limestone Company
Vivid safety training is easy to access from anywhere and simple to use. Most importantly, it keeps food safety and sanitation on the ‘radar screen’ for my employees because, in our business, food safety is the top priority. Wenatchee School District
We are impressed by the attention the entire team gives to our needs and would absolutely recommend Vivid to others. Gundersen Health Systems
Vivid Learning Systems is one of our favorite contractors because of they are so responsive and easy to work with. SPX
Vivid not only has the product we need for training, but the support has been outstanding. The client service team is so responsive and helpful. My experience with Vivid has been amazing. Central Hudson Gas and Electric
Everything is possible at Vivid Learning Systems. Les Schwab Tire Centers
Vivid is a joy to work with as a company and certainly meets client expectations in their mission and vision. We really appreciate your immediate response to our needs. Hoag Hospital
Thank you so much for allowing us to work with the fine individuals on your staff. As a team we are working through the rough spots in the training efforts and Vivid is leading the charge by making it happen. HAMMER Training and Education Center
Vivid's Confined Spaces online course was much better than having an actual instructor. It forces employees to review the safety topics of the course multiple times for comprehension. Mike Arnold, Metso
After evaluating many vendors for content, streaming and administration abilities, we have been nothing but pleased with the Vivid solution. Public Risk Management
One benefit of working with Vivid has been the noticeable lack of turnover in their personnel, which speaks well of the company and its culture. John S. Lowrey, 3M
Vivid Learning Systems is one of our favorite contractors because of they are so responsive and easy to work with. SPX

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