Active Shooter Response Training

Free for everybody. Online now.

The threat of indiscriminate gun violence hasn’t diminished.

The goal of this course is to help lower the body count by equipping people with the latest life-saving knowledge. Built with the assistance of national subject matter experts from the law enforcement community, this free online course is intended for any audience: work, home, schools, etc.

And that's why making this training publicly available is our responsibility.

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Train your workforce online for a fraction of
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Yeah, it is possible.

There are many reasons to move your workforce training program online, but the money we save for clients is why over 90% return each year.

For simplicity, we offer a subscription based on the number of courses you need and the size of your participating workforce. We call it ‘ideal fit’ pricing. And the more workers you train with Vivid, the more room you’ll find in your budget.

System set up and configuration

System set up and

dedicated client support

A dedicated client
support specialist

Automatic course updates

Automatic course

One-on-one training


Quarterly consultations


Training records archive

Archival of training
records for the life of the

Few companies will work to show a return on
investment–we don’t operate like that.

Meet Our Chief Safety Officer

True story: Jill used to be one of Vivid’s largest customers.

Jill knows what it’s like to launch an online training program because she’s walked in your shoes, but she didn’t do it alone—Vivid was with her every step.

Before moving into the private sector, she served as an OSHA Safety & Compliance Officer for nearly a decade, so she has a particular talent for unwinding OSHA regulations.

Jill is always willing to help answer your questions and a big part of her job is to support your success.

To connect with Jill about your training needs, or get help with important safety objectives, email

Jill James, Chief Safety Officer
  • Lamb Weston

    "We are especially pleased with the interactive graphics designed to make complex calculations understandable, interesting, and relevant."

  • Ingersoll-Rand

    "Vivid provides an exceptional solution that enables us to streamline training for all our facilities, allowing us to share the costs across business units which reduced our training expense significantly."

  • Boise Paper Mill

    "Having courses on demand, accessible for new hires or periodic refresher training, meant having another tool for mitigating requirements."


    John Kadinger
    Key Technology


    Bill Dress
    Ranch & Home


    Jason Conley
    Spokane Public Schools


    Michael Getman
    Clark Public Utilities


    John Hankerson
    American Seafoods

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