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Ingersoll Rand
We are especially pleased with the interactive graphics designed to make complex calculations understandable, interesting, and relevant.
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Ingersoll Rand
Vivid provides an exceptional solution that enables us to streamline training for all our facilities, allowing us to share the costs across business units which reduced our training expense significantly.
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Having courses on demand, accessible for new hires or periodic refresher training, meant having another tool for mitigating requirements.
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On Demand Safety Training Courses

Designed for Safety Pros

Designed for one job – safety training management. We focus on the software so you don’t have to.

Safety Training System


We know that to influence behavior you have to reach the emotional core of human imagination.

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Increase safety awareness in your workplace

When risk never sleeps, safety is a moment to moment concern. Promote a culture of safety with our extensive toolbox.

Safety Tip for Electrical Workers: Overhead Lines

Overhead Line Safety for Electrical Workers

Accidental contact with live overhead power lines can cause serious injuries, and even death. Work involving tall vehicles or non-dielectric conductive equipment is especially dangerous. Although hazards cannot be eliminated entirely, they can be minimized with the right safety precautions. This safety tip video.

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Safety Tip for Electrical Workers: Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment For Electric Utilities

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can help mitigate those dangers, and reduce the severity of occupational injuries common to workers in the utility sector. Common types of PPE for electrical workers include hard hats, rubber gloves with leather protectors, and ear plugs. This safety tip video shares an overview video.

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Safety Tip Video: Bloodborne Pathogens Protection

Bloodborne Pathogens Protection

It's crucial that you protect yourself against contamination from bloodborne pathogens by following certain safety measures. This safety tip video shows us the five steps to handling bloodborne pathogens safely.

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Safety Tip Video: Lifting Safety

Lifting Safety

The biggest culprit?  Heavy lifting. Lifting heavy objects is literally back-breaking work.  How can you protect yourself from injury when your job requires you to move some weighty loads?  Let us tell you in this safety tip video.

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Safety Tip Video: Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

Hydrogen Sulfide Safety

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is the leading cause of gas inhalation deaths among workers in the U.S. The rotten-egg-smelling gas is colorless and highly flammable. Those who work below ground level are at a greater risk because hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air and fills low lying spaces. We want to help keep you safe, video.

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Ginger, SPX
Vivid is one of my favorite contractors because you are so responsive and easy to work with.Ginger, SPX
Brian Smith, Advanced Monitoring Methods
Love this online training method by the way. This is how we will complete this training from here forward.Brian Smith, Advanced Monitoring Methods
John S. Lowrey, 3M
One benefit of working with Vivid has been the noticeable lack of turnover in their personnel, which speaks well of the company and its culture. John S. Lowrey, 3M
Paula Linnen, PNNL
This is so exciting, and a vast improvement over what we've had in the past. What I love most about it is that it clearly demonstrates the very broad engagement of many stakeholders in the creation of the messages and approach. No easy feat, but the integration and streamlining of the content is evident. I love it.Paula Linnen, PNNL
Ingersoll Rand
Vivid provides an exceptional solution that enables us to streamline training for all our facilities, allowing us to share the costs across business units which reduced our training expense significantly.Ingersoll Rand

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