New 5-Minute Safety Training Course

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Fatigue & Stress Awareness

Many employers fail to consider the impact of worker fatigue because the warning signs go unnoticed.

A risk analysis estimated an annual cost of $136.4 billion to employers, resulting from fatigue-related lost productivity.

In fact, worker fatigue is cited as a significant contributing factor in major industrial accidents, and is connected to a range of expensive occupational illnesses.

This new 5-Miinute Course was created to help organizations build awareness of fatigue and stress in the workplace, and build recognition of an often overlooked safety issue. 

How & When to Use a 5-Minute Course:

  • Annual Refresher Training
  • Supplemental Safety Training
  • After Near-Miss Incidents
  • Emphasizing Site or Industry Specific Safety Topics
  • Safety Orientation
  • Toolbox talks & Safety Committee Meetings
  • Best Practice Instruction

Deliver Fatigue & Stress Awareness safety training—online—in 5-minutes!

What Vivid Learning Systems Does.

Vivid is an online safety training company. Making life easier for safety professionals is what we do. With Online Safety Training courses that deliver an effective, memorable training experience, and training software designed for smart simplicity, we help customer protect the workforce and go beyond regulatory requirements.

Building tools for total safety program accountability is our strategy, with an emphasis on reducing risk, keeping workers in production, and supporting training efficiency.

But more than anything else, we are the most knowledgeable and caring people in the safety training industry. In life and business, we know that honoring our commitments to others is the most important thing we can do.